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Snowy Christmas Wreath with Silver Painted Pine Cones- (Dimension- 25 cm)

Snowy Christmas Wreath with Silver Painted Pine Cones- (Dimension- 25 cm)


Add a snowy touch to your decor this festive season. This beautiful wreath will accent your home and it features faux snowy leaves, two cute red cherries, three silver-painted cones and a white bow. Hang it using the silver ribbon and display it on your door or your walls!



25 cm (approx)

  • A Product of A Ladies' Self-Help Group

    This product is handcrafted by a group of ladies who support each other. They have hand-picked these pine cones from the Himalayan pine forests, cleaned them up thoroughly and crafted the wreath skillfully!

  • Handcrafted - Slight Variations Expected

    These are handcrafted wreaths. So you can expect slight variations from the picture displayed, depending on the actual pine cones selected.

  • Out of Stock?

    Please contact us if you find this item out of stock and you want to us to make one for you.

  • Dimensions

    Width- 19 cm (approx)

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