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Women’s Empowerment in India through Low-Cost Eco-Friendly Decorations

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Imagine for a moment, if you would, how many people would benefit from a decision that you made to purchase an Eco-friendly product made by a woman entrepreneur? The impact is unprecedented—the nation itself would shift. Now, what if that product was low-cost as well?

At Soul Indus, we offer nothing short of that.

We don’t see a conflict between quality and quantity, customer service and valuing employees, or problems and solutions. Our plastic-free approach coupled with the hard work of women's self-help groups in the Himalayas will serve you all the way to your doorstep. In these ways, we can confidently say we are different from any other business.

In the foothills of India’s Himalayan Mountain range, our business began in 2019, creating Christmas decorations out of Eco-friendly resources like pinecones, readily accessible to us. Eco-friendly means we use raw and natural supplies found in the bed of nature herself, to create products that will “wow” you all the way to the “purchase” click.

So, what are pinecones? Pinecones are found nestled into the branches of pine trees, scattered all throughout the terrain of our mountainous climate. The shape of the Himalayan pinecone is basically a symmetrical textured cone and the make of it is exceptionally sturdy. When cut horizontally, unique flower shapes are formed, as displayed above/below, and options for design are simply endless.

How great is the need for women’s empowerment? Good question. Winters are quite harsh in the Himalayas and many women are struggling to provide for their families, working as house-helpers, tailors, or often just relying on their husbands’ occasional paychecks, which may not even cover the half of all expenses. We have heard one too many stories not to do anything about it. This is where you come in. We are thrilled to partner with you in creating a new India, where men don’t forbid women to work but instead empower women to become entrepreneurs who use the resources literally available at their finger-tips to create and to dream big.

If you are a man and you are reading this, thank you for finishing the article. That means the world to us. We are excited to see how you could join us in this initiative, and we realize it is important that men also partner with women to catalyze greater awareness about women’s empowerment. If you are a woman and you are reading this, I hope you are as excited as we are. You have equal value to man and your value does not change based on what people say about you; it’s a fixed value. We realize it can feel good to hear that again about ourselves even if we know it already. So here at Soul Indus, we don’t get tired of saying these truths again and again. If you’d like to partner with us by purchasing a product that has been made with utmost intentionality, consider it our highest privilege to serve you along the way as we dream together and take ownership for being the change we want to see in our India.

We look forward to sharing more in these blog posts, so we hope you pull up a chair again!

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